Posttale Partner Program

Creators on Posttale have the potential to earn money for creating good content. However, you may be required to pay taxes on the money earned through monetising your content on Posttale, depending on the country in which you reside. We recommend you check with the tax authorities in your country for detailed information on taxes.

To join the Posttale Partner Program and earn money by monetising your content you must follow all Posttales polices and terms of service. If there are any parts of our policy or terms that you do not accept or fully understand you should not monetise content on Posttale.

Advertising revenues are distributed to content creators in the following way: Posttale will pay you 80% of the net revenues collected by Posttale from ads by Posttale or third-parties displayed on your monetised content. Posttale reserves the right to select the type and format of ads displayed on your content and is not obligated to place ads on your content. Posttale also reserves the right to retain all other revenue from the service, including ads placed on homepages, feeds and search pages.

Appropriate content. Posttale reserves the right to disable monetization on your account if we do not consider the content you create appropriate for the Posttale Partner Program. Examples of inappropriate content include violent content, adult content (nudity, sexual or sexually suggestive content), gruesome content, hateful content, drug related content, weapon related content and controversial content.

Payment requirements. To earn money and receive payments from Posttale you must have a valid and active PayPal account. Posttale is not required to pay you any monies that were earned from ads placed on your content during any period in which you did not have an acceptable method of payment as determined by Posttale. We do not accept any liability for payments that were unsuccessful or delayed due to third parties including advertisers and payment platforms. 

Age requirements. To earn money and receive payments on Posttale you must be at least 18 years old or have a legal guardian willing to manage your payments for you using PayPal.

Payment terms. We aim to pay you within 60 days of the calendar month. To receive payments from Posttale you must have earned at least $5 or an equivalent amount in your local currency when the payment is due. We may refrain from paying you under the following circumstances: If a copyright claim has been made against your content, if monetisation is disabled on your content by you or Posttale or your account is terminated. 

To terminate these terms, you must communicate your wish to do so to Posttale in writing 30 days prior. Posttale reserves the right to terminate or suspend your participation to the Posttale Partner program immediately and with written notice for reasons such as violations of our terms.