Copyright Policy

Creators should only upload content to Posttale that they have created or have the necessary permission to use. The creation or distribution of the content you upload to Posttale should not infringe the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark, or moral rights of any third party, without the necessary consent being given.


In some jurisdictions there are certain circumstances in which the law permits the use of copyrighted content without receiving permission from the copyright owner, the use of copyrighted content in these circumstances is known as fair use. Whether the use of copyrighted content is acceptable under fair use is determined on an individual basis and fair use rules vary in different countries. The United Kingdom may permit the use of copyrighted content for purposes such as reviewing, reporting and quoting.


To report the unauthorised use of copyrighted material and have it removed from Posttale please complete our online copyright claim form.


If a copyright claim is submitted and deemed to be valid, the content will be removed from Posttale and the account the content was uploaded to will receive a copyright strike. Users that receive three copyright strikes within 120 days will have their account and any other accounts they are associated with, immediately terminated. If a copyright claim has been wrongfully made against your account, you can appeal using our online copyright appeal form.